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Published Hiroshima AI Process Proceeding Plan

On 4 August 2023, the Japan Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy Council published a plan regarding the implementation of the Hiroshima AI Process. In September 2023, a summary of an interim report shall be presented to the ministerial meeting. Then, on 9 October 2023, various stakeholders such as non-G7 countries, international organisations, industry, academia, and civil society shall be consulted on the Hiroshima AI Process. Finally, a summary of these consultations will be presented at a ministerial meeting at the end of 2023. Also, a draft of primary measures related to AI was published. The AI Strategy Council wants to prioritise responding to the risks of AI through contributing to international rule-making and countering misinformation, promoting AI's use in certain fields and developing learning methods, as well as strengthening AI development capabilities through providing quality data and developing attractive research environment.

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