Our Story:

The Digital Policy Alert is the world's first public and independent repository of policy changes affecting the digital economy. Established in 2021, our independent team has documented thousands of policy changes covering more than a dozen policy areas from 50+ jurisdictions. Our evidence is regularly used by international organisations, domestic regulators and corporate decision makers around the globe.

Our Mission:

We are dedicated to fostering a regulatory ecosystem that is interoperable, transparent, and readily accessible. Our goal is to help policymakers, legal professionals, journalists and citizens understand the nuances of digital governance so they can make better informed decisions and engage actively in public discourse.

What We Do:

We consistently monitor government policies and regulatory developments that impact the digital economy.
Here's how we do it:

  • Expert Oversight: We collect, classify and personally review each new regulation. We also provide a link to the official source so you can independently verify the details.
  • Topical Threads: We curate datasets to help you understand the full lifecycle and global impact of the world’s most important digital regulatory changes.
  • Digital Digests: Our team creates concise, accessible snapshots of domestic regulatory environments that get you up to speed about a market that interests you.
  • DPA Reports: Our comparative deep dives into subjects like regulatory fragmentation, G20 data governance regimes, and artificial intelligence rules.

Our Latest Initiatives:

CLaiRK is a free suite of legal analysis tools that help simplify complex legal texts into accessible and actionable insights. Our tools help you:

  • Compare global regulatory changes, guidance and enforcement rulings with a sophisticated chromatic highlighting tool.
  • Broaden your understanding with a high-accuracy chatbot trained on official source material and translated into your own language.
  • Ensure complete user privacy plus local hosting options for content and large language models.

Contact Our Team:

The DPA is an initiative of the Swiss-based St. Gallen Endowment for Prosperity Through Trade, a neutral, non-profit organisation dedicated to increasing transparency of global policies affecting the digital economy, trade and investment.

Johannes Fritz
Managing Director of the Digital Policy Alert and CEO of the St.Gallen Endowment

Tommaso Giardini
Associate Director of the Digital Policy Alert