In January 2021 the Global Trade Alert (GTA) started to build a public, independent, comprehensive and searchable record of policy changes that affect cross-border digital commerce. On 15 April 2021, we launched our early warning system for policy changes by the G20 members which provides up-to-date information on developments in legislatures and the executive branch.

Want to share this information through your own website? We are proud to supply high-quality updates about digital policy changes by reciprocally linking this webpage with those organisations that share this particular objective. Currently, such sharing agreements include the US Commercial Service. As an independent foundation, our sharing this information does not constitute an endorsement of any other organisation's stated policy positions, any affiliated agency or government.

Suggestions and comments about the scope and presentation of the contents of this new database can be sent to and will be given serious consideration. 

Our unique data collection and enrichment process generates timely, accessible, and informative findings on policies affecting digital trade. The country and policy instrument scope of this new database will grow over time and we are developing a richer presentation of the information collected that will be launched in Fall 2021.

Since the GTA's launch, its database has been upgraded several times during a decade-long journey that benefited from the advice of peers. In going public with this new database, we hope to benefit again from the recommendations and advice of experts and users.