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Adopted ITRE negotiating mandate on the Cyber Solidarity Act

On 7 December 2023, the European Parliament's Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) adopted its negotiating mandate on the proposed Cyber Solidarity Act. This legislative measure aims to fortify the European Union's capacity to identify, prepare for, and respond to cybersecurity threats and incidents. The Act aims to enhance EU-wide detection and situational awareness of cyber threats, strengthen preparedness and response capabilities for significant cybersecurity incidents, and promote European technological sovereignty in cybersecurity. These objectives are envisaged to be accomplished primarily through the establishment of a pan-European network of Security Operations Centres (SOCs). Additionally, the Act introduces the creation of a Cyber Emergency Mechanism and a European Cybersecurity Incident Review Mechanism to assess specific cybersecurity incidents after they occur. The adopted negotiating mandate also includes amendments to support the development of cybersecurity skills across the EU and increase citizen engagement and awareness in cybersecurity matters. Following the adoption of the negotiating mandate, the Parliament will start negotiations with the Council on a final version of the Act. The decision to start the negotiations will be submitted to a plenary vote.

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Cybersecurity regulation
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