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Published CMA Report on artificial intelligence models

On 18 September 2023, the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) published its Report on artificial intelligence models, in which the CMA shares the results of its review of competition in artificial intelligence models. The CMA states that foundation models (FMs) are large machine learning models that have rapidly advanced since OpenAI introduced the first one in 2018. In addition, over 160 FMs have been created, promising to transform various industries and daily life. They offer benefits such as improved products, easier access to information, assistance with tasks, scientific advancements, and increased competition that stimulates innovation and economic growth. The CMA stressed that competition is crucial to maximise these benefits and prevent potential harm to consumers and businesses, such as false information and market power concentration. The CMA aims to ensure compliance with competition, safety, data protection, and intellectual property regulations to ensure positive outcomes. The CMA issued guiding principles to support competition and consumer protection in FM development and deployment, with ongoing refinement through stakeholder collaboration. An update on these principles is expected in early 2024, reflecting market changes and the collaborative approach to harness AI's potential.

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Unilateral conduct regulation
Regulated Economic Activity
ML and AI development
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competition authority

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