The DPA Activity Tracker Handbook

Learn about the purpose and substance of the Digital Policy Alert Database.

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The Digital Policy Alert (DPA) Activity Tracker Handbook is your guide to understanding the DPA's comprehensive monitoring of digital policy developments worldwide. This handbook provides an in-depth look at the DPA's tracking methodology, taxonomy, and workflow, empowering policymakers, industry stakeholders, researchers, and media to efficiently navigate the ever-evolving digital policy landscape.


Johannes Fritz, Tommaso Giardini

Date Published

12 Apr 2024

Introducing the Digital Policy Alert Activity Tracker Handbook

In today's rapidly evolving digital economy, keeping pace with the myriad of laws and regulations affecting the digital space can be a daunting task. The Digital Policy Alert (DPA) aims to tackle this information challenge by providing publicly accessible, transparent, and timely evidence of policy and enforcement developments across 50+ markets.

The DPA Activity Tracker Handbook is a vital resource that complements the DPA's tracking efforts. It offers readers a detailed understanding of the DPA's methodology, taxonomy, and workflow. Key features of the handbook include:


  1. Overview of the DPA's tracking priorities and heuristics
  2. A description of the DPA's rigorous workflow combining human intelligence and technology
  3. Detailed explanation of the DPA's two-pronged taxonomy covering regulatory authorities and the substance of regulatory changes
  4. Explanations of the covered policy areas including data governance, content moderation, competition, taxation, intellectual property, and more
  5. Explanation of units of analysis including interventions, events, and the policy lifecycle approach

Whether you are a policymaker drafting digital regulations, an industry representative ensuring compliance across markets, a (citizen) researcher analyzing policy trends, or a journalist contextualizing developments, the DPA Activity Tracker Handbook is your go-to guide. It provides the necessary background to efficiently use the DPA's tools such as the Activity Tracker, Notification Service or the DPA Threads.